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49 / $200
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Numbers explained

Example NFT, clicked image to open Price History
Reminder: Click any number to see it's source
• Touch the star to add to your wishlist. Wishlist appears on the top of the page, you can change the count of items you'd like to own with the arrows to the right of the wishlist item. Additionally your wishlist will give you estimates of your lists' total value. You can use this to estimate your current NFTs worth without entering any data into the site. #StaySafe
• Number above star: Ranking based on Highest Price (Floor Price)
• Numbers below star: 100+ means Reddit Shop offered at least 100 of them for the price of $99.99. Note that when people bought them too quickly there can be well over 100+ of those available.
• Percentages represent Floor price changes over time
• Number left to Buy button: Floor price in USD (floor price = cheapest made available by any owner, buy now price)
• Number right to Buy: Floor price in ETH
• Number below Buy button, furthest left: Last Sale and how many hours ago; underlined green when price lower than current floor
• Number below Buy button, furthest right: past 24h High and Low Sale
• Number next to star: Ranking by Floor price
• Price History: left y-axis labels Sales count, right y-axis labels Sale Price. Touch any chart element to open detailed numbers