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Why does this project cost so much to run? It's built to allow me to add many more features with ease. I can scale it all down, but what's the point, for anyone, if this ecosystem won't grow. If you use this site consider donating. Having served well over 300 000 requests now.
This project started out for me to see my very own avatar prices at glance, quickly became the #1 source, serving well over 160 000 requests as of writting. Keeping everything running 24/7 is what I do for this community, and I'd like to continue doing so... but there's more to it than just investing hours into this project, and that is paying for services that manage to stay healthy under such unexpected loads and constant refreshes. I'll gladly fix bugs and keep adding many more features, like trading and what not :) Theres few ways to keep this project alive, I think donations are the least intrusive.